Geo – Life


Feng-shui harmonisator, alpha stimulator and Schumann resonance activator. GEO impulses with Schumann 8Hz biorithm act as: – feng-shui harmonisator, – alpha stimulator and – Schumann resonance activator Geo-Life provides good helath and better mental concentracition. Increases blood circulation and reduces body pains.

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    Vibracijsko samozdravljenje Tesla-Zaper-Geo.

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    Geo – Life

    GEO-LIFE is emitting magnetic energy in healing Schumann atmospheric and Earth resonance 8Hz, called geo-life impulses.

    GEO-LIFE stimulates alpha state of consciousness and human brain functioning in a perfect condition of coherence and symetry. It influences well in health feeling of life biorhyithm, giving authentic natural energy to stimulate vital processes of body and mind.

    GEO-LIFE is harmonising, refreshing and energetising place of 20 square meters. It helps against pains, protecs bone density, stimulates blood circulation, supports immune system, protects against to be burnt down in stress and helps in developing better relationship in every area of life.

    GEO-LIFE stimulates brain activity to reach better study results and mental concentration. It is usefull to reduce suffering from nerves and fright before examinations, at the stage, important meetings, dates and appointments.

    GEO-LIFE supports revealing natural body production of melatonin and endomorfines called hormons of happiness which helps us to improve our lifes and being fullfilled 


    9V square batery is included. At the back side remove the screw, connect the batery in close GEO-LIFE with screw again. Electric light signals are showing the frequency. Change batery every 3 month. Batery may last longer but just before its end light signal and impulses are slowed down so better change it every 3 months.

    GEO-LIFE is portable, everywhere can be with you in car, bag, pocket, meetings or at home. It is suitable to be also on night table or beside computer.


    GEO-LIFE should not be exposed to water or mechanical demages or being repaired from incompetent persons.


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